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>> swing vote is obviously anthony kennedy from sacramento. >> i don't know what justice kennedy will do. i think he's our, he's our hope. >>reporter: both sides same sex marriage debate relying on the same man as the high court agrees to take up a lapped mark case. good evening. outcome of the case will impact gay rights in this country. supreme court justices will review a suit challenging the federal defense of marriage act as well as california prop 8 which bans gay marriage. more now from mark matthews. >> couple getting married here just not same sex couple. gavin browned breaking decision overturned by california voters in 2008 when they supported
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prop 8 ban on gay marriage. watching from the side rins today one half of the same sex couple elizabeth chase. >> you know this isn't the first time that i have watched a couple get married while talking about mawrj equality in san francisco city hall. i have been waiting for 3 years toen joy the same privilege that these folks are currently enjoying. >> also this afternoon john lewis and stewart who were married before the prop 8 ban. >> over 100,000 loving committed legally married same sex couple across the nation. an thousands or more to come soon with washington and mayor listened and maine having marriage equality now. >>reporter: san francisco city attorney is part of the legal team arguing against prop 8. >> i am gratified and confident very confident that the supreme court which is now going to be taking up the civil rights issue of our time will reach the same result that the district court did and the 9th circuit did and well find that
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proposition 8 unlawfully discriminates against gay lesbian couple here in the state of california. >>reporter: in sacramento this afternoon a spokesman for supporters of proposition 8 is confident the hay court will support the ban on same sex marriage. >> i expect 4 or 5 justices to uphold proposition 8. why? because the constitution of the united states doesn't have marriage in it. and 10th amendment says what is not in the federal powers belongs to the state. >> high court 0could go either way. lawyers trying to turn over prop 8 said they will argue very broad argument before the high court that there was no justification for discrimination. we will know the high court decision probably next june. reporting from city hall, abc 7 news. >> major roadway in eastern contra costa county is still closed after 2 people died in a horrible crash. we flew above the scene on byron highway at
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clifton court just after the crash. mid afternoon today. you are lacking at the aftermath of head open collision between big rig an another vehicle. chp says 21-year-old woman and an 8 or 9-year-old boy both died in the horrible accident. look at it. she was driving and investigators say the boy was wearing his seat belt. truck driver saw her car swerving before they hit head on. he appears to be okay. terrible scene in contra costa county. hand so say police officers say the department turned ominous corner. they say the number of officers leaving the department is growing faster than train new recruit. corrina tonight has the very latest on the saga of the incredible shrinking police force. >> officer tina is one of 6 people just this week signing paperwork to walk away from a job at the san jose police department. after 27 years she is rae tiring with a disability and is part of unprecedented
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exodus. >> variability is definitely toxic. officers really can't speak their mind about what is going on. the chef doesn't listen. the mayor don't liste listen. city hall doesn't care what we have to say. >>reporter: city council member is a former san jose police officer who also retired open disability. he and the councilman majority supported mayor reid fiscal reform policy including pay cut an voter approved pension rae form. >> it's really not about the city or the mayor and the council versus the union. what it's about is keeping our city afloat. dealing with a budget situation that has just been disaster for over a decade and saying what are we going to do to fix it. >>reporter: police officers say the fix it self is a disaster and the only thing the 2 sides can seem to agree on is the staffing shortage here is real. the department is authorized to have more than the 1700 current officers. 44 new recruit in the pipeline but
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81 says if you add up the people who have left or planned to leave since academy started, total of 53, it's a numbers game the department can't we know. >> they are walking out. don't have it any other way. can't strike. can't do job action. the only way really to send a message loud and clear is to leave. >>reporter: tina says no amount of recruiting will ever replace the decades of experience the city is losing in the name of fiscal reform in san jose abc 7 news. >> 4 year ballots over san francisco golf course done tonight. federal court june says the city did not vailt the endangered species act by allowing golf in the historic sharp park golf course. judge relied on opinion from u.s. fish wild life service and found golf was not likely to jeopardize the continued existence of the california red legged frog and the san francisco garther snake. >> rate now in the south bay
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police try to contact owner of high end used car confinement lot who disappeared wall dozens of luxury vehicle. we first brought you the story last night at 11:00. car owners are converging on sunnyvale motors looking for answers and their cars. lot has been empty since at least sunday and the owner can't be found. saint veil motorist sold considers on consignment for owner whose turned over the pink slip to expedite sales. >> car worth do you think. >> 40,000. >>reporter: 40,000? >> yes. >> just in disbelief. they correspondent belief they got swindled. sad to listen to the stories. >>reporter: mechanic at nearby shop says many cars were towed off the sunnyvale motor lot last friday. tow truck company said they were taken to auctio auction. the charges filed against sunnyvale owner at least not yet. >> oakland certainly had more than its fair share of crime but what happened to a church youth grooem group seems particularly unfair. traveled
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to florida and robbers made off with all the cash they brought with them to get by. more on this story from heather. >>reporter: group of 24 teenagers and young adults setoff yesterday with high hope for exciting fulfilling adventure. trip from the church in oakland to christmas youth conference in fort lauderdale. the within hours of arrival they were crushed to find 12,000 dollars cash the, lug annual and the adult leader passport stolen out of their rental van while they had lunc lunch. >> we were out here many miles for help.home with no one to >>reporter: the group wings of love ministry had each brought cash to cover expenses. it was consolidated by the group leaders and they say they were on their way from the airport to the bank when they decided to stop for lunch. strangers and loan from home got them through the night. thisen today the despair turned to shook and relief when loss businessman came to their rest
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kichlt i have a little something here. i have 15,000 dollars. wow! oh, my. >> we kept our hopes up and we know that god used him to bring this to us thank you so much. >>reporter: nude that stunning gift joan treated the group to lunch at apple beat. i'm a news hound so i went on my web browser and saw there was a story and read it and thought i into he had to help the people. >>reporter: he stepped up and helped. the group is to come home mopped nature but the adult leaders i.d. was stolen from the van and the biggest concern right now is whether they will be able to get on the plane to make that trip home. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. we are just getting started this friday night. coming up. 7 news follows up tonight on ring of thieves that have been preying on tourists. tonight we can reveal how high tech surveillance helped nab the thieves. >> plus bay area home buyers aplay for 20,000 dollar in free
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mortgage money. find out whether you might qualify, too. >> indeed. we have a big chill coming our way overnight tonight but afternoon warmth right around the corner. all my details in the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> thanks very much. after more than a century the university of california [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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>> merchant at fisherman wharf say the bust of massive fencing ring is proof that state of the art security camera are needed to prevent crime against tourist. vick lae has the story. >> hall of stolen goods fills half of the underground garage at central police station. there are more than 1,000 items worth up to two million dollars mostly taken from car break-in break-ins. cell phones. lap tops. digital camera. expensive designer handbag. you name it. a lot stolen at fisherman wharf and embarcadero police arrested these 3 suspects last week. and charged them with operating a massive fencing ring. big break came when some of the 24 state of the art security cameras installed at the pier 39 garage captured images of the suspects breaking in a car. camera also shot get away carlin plate. >> these are very high
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definition digital camera that have been installed over the years at the wharf and to the point where you can see gum on the sidewalk. >> in fact those security camera are now everywhere here at the wharf. always a magnet for those that prey on tourist. cannery has the mow advanced camera. academy of art. new owner of the sprawling landmark installed 35 of them all around the complex. now merchant here at the wharf are considering adding even more especially in light of the success of the garage camera in the recent both. >> we have been going through process right now of evaluating the camera and making sure we are fully covered and there are no black hole in the district. >> camera are so invaluable. if we had more we would have less crime. >> lieutenant was involve in the operation that led to the arrest of these suspected fences. he said the auto burglar used spotters in garages. targeting people who parked their cars putting the
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the valuable in the trunk before leaving. here's some good advice. >> if you are going to good to location and you are going to park, stop a couple blocks awa away. and then put your valuable in there. >>reporter: wharf not the only place that is planning to increase security cameras. the merchant group at union square recently approved a pilot program to increase this d quality security camera there. vick lee, 7 news. this tense situation captured by sky 7 hd ended on embarcadero late today. police arrested a man who climbed on a scaffolding on pier 29. he kick at least one person and then hitting whim a skate board for some reason. he climbed on to the scaffolding around 1:30 this afternoon after police searched a construction site for him. police hostage negotiator came out and tried to coax the man into surrendering. >> well some family in the east bay now have 20,000 dollars available to make a down payment on a home. wells fargo
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hosting an event this weekend called city lift. for those who qualify today it was a life changing experience. the story from 7 news reporter laura anthony. >> we got the money. >>reporter: oakland taylor celebrating the fact that she just qualified for 20,000 dollars in down payment assistance from wells fargo bank. it's the last piece she need buy a home for her family. >> dream come true. >> dreams do come true. they do. they do. >>reporter: wells fargo is reaching out to hundreds of bay area families trying to help them with 20,000 dollars toward down payment on the purchase of the home. shawn coleman lined up at 6:00 a.m. and was one of the first to find out he qualified. exciting day for you. >> yes. most exciting thing is better an birthday. >> we wish you the best. >>reporter: not everyone who applies will qualify. applicant must have a consistent income and strong credit history. for those with
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do qualify the entire 20,000 dollars will be forgiven if the buyer stay ins the home for at least 5 years. prorated 20 percent year of residence. >> goal is to make sure we don't have people jump in and flipping property but to stay there. >>reporter: stewart stopped to view the home tour. even though they just fun out they did not qualify for the down payment assistance. >> we were enclosures than we realize to having something that we could call our own down the line. >> we are close. still have few things we still need to do but i do feel better about what is going on now than before. >>reporter: all day tomorrow here at the downtown marriott 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. ment pre-region strition is closed but walk instance are welcome. more information on our web site that is 7 in oakland, abc 7 news. >> university of california is hiping up the logo. old logo
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on the left. show you that in a moment. new look on the right. now the older more traditional symbol will still appear on official university do you mean. new with one with letter c at the bottom of the open book will appear on marketing material and web sites. school says it wanted something a bit more quur friendly. they are both good. take youing about user friendly. spencer is here with the weekend forecast which its also user friendly. >> it is going to be. milder and mirld. very nice weather our way and i think you will enjoyment here's our east way camera looking west across the bay on clear cool night. about to turn into a chilly to cold night for some parts of the bay area. radar shows us mainly clear skies. few cloud offshore. just a few thin high broken clouds around the bay area but not many. mostly clear and temperatures dropping. 41 degrees at fairfield. low to mid 40's in the north bay valley. santa
9:19 pm
rosa and napa. we have upper 40's to lo's right around the bay. chilly overnight period. move on to the forecast feature chilly overnight with patchy valley fog cold in a few spots. sunny weekend with milder weather on sunday and cooler by midweek next week check out the low down to 35 santa rosa 36 napa 37 at fairfield not too wide spread and location is closer to the bay and coast. see low in the mid 40's overnight tonight. on we go to the satellite radar composite image that show as very large ridge of high pressure taking control of the weather picture next several days. this will give us milder weather through the weaned and into early next wee week. move along with our forecast animation 11:00 o'clock tonight. fog will chicken and spread through the central valley then spill in through the delta carquinez strait into pockets in our interior valley and east bay north bay so that's why we see
9:20 pm
some patchy fog over night. but again not wide sprae. tomorrow afternoon mainly sunny skies. a little milder. high pressure in the south bay. in the low 60's up to 62 at santa clara. cupertino and san jose. peninsula. low 60's as well. 60's millbrae. redwood city 59 in the coast and pacifica and 60 at half man bay. downtown san francisco 61 degrees tomorrow. 59 the high in the sun set district up in the north bay we see mainly low 60's as well up to 63 at santa rosa and calistoga. 62 at sonoma at napa east bay we sea high around 63 at oakland and fremont 62 union city. san leandro 61 in hayward. inland east bay same range up to 62 at antioch. livermore and danville. 61 at walnut creek and dublin and nont ray baylow to mid 60's up to about 65 and is a leap as 64 and holster and watsonville. accu-weather 7 day forecast. milder weather
9:21 pm
still on sunday and monday. mid 60's on the coast. mid 60's inland and upper 60's near 70 around the bay on sunday and monday. temperatures drop-off just a little bit on tuesday. chance of showers on wednesday and cooler pattern for the end of next week. all in all pretty terrific forecast. >> nice looking week. thanks very much. >> coming up next. riding high. and in style. thanking our best for serving our country yichlt someone took the jacket right off the back of a local congresswoman? stay with us. 7 news at 9:00
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>> unusual fundraising tactic today at the community service league luncheon in san mateo o. congresswoman spears served as
9:25 pm
auctioneer and decided to auction off the jewelry she was wearing for the cause. that raised 600 dollars. and then someone asked about her jacket. she auctioned that off as well for 700 dollars. proceeds raised today go to the minuteal health association of san mateo county and star vista crisis and suicide prevention. >> marine and young navy vet rap in san francisco received wonderful gifts as token of the community appreciate 80's for the service. katie has the story of 2 brave men who went home today in recycled rides. >> it was on the gas i feel in it. >> navy second class refs the engine of the new car. he couldn't feel the foot on the gas because the right side of the body is mostly paralyze. >> i was actually only in afghanistan for about 8 days. before i was injured on one of the missions i got ak 47 shot through my helmet and hit me in
9:26 pm
the head that. >> was just before last christmas. it's been a long hard year but jordan fighting hard for recovery. today he got a gift that will help. [applause] refurbished car through rae cycle ride. >> car i have now ace jeep and stick shift and i can't shift with my right hand. >>reporter: when the auto body joined forces with recycle ride others eager to help. progressive insurance and donated the car and they fix them up. supporting military is in the company blood. >> my father grandfather the owner of the company his father so it's a cause that is near and dear to my heart and mike our company believes in what we are doing. >>reporter: did it times 2. marine staff sergeant mike the ti was perfect. he just returned from afghanistan three days ago. on mission to get some wheels. >> he asked me if i knew somebody that need a car. i
9:27 pm
was buying a car. i actually didn't know about it until yesterday. >>reporter: mike and jordan are the if is to benefit from recycle rides in san francisco but they won't be the last. there will be more cars for more veteran in need. >> worst thing istor forgotten. sometimes it's hard not to feel that way. people kind of assume that the war is already over. but there's still happening a lot of my friend still getting injured nishtion san francisco, abc 7 news. would you like to nominate a vet for the program? learn how by going to our web site under see it on tv. >> well there is more to come here tonight on 7 news at 9:00 as we continue. >> our tradition are for them to carry forward. >> special award bay area artist received and how he is using history to change the future. >> plus ready. aim. fire. >> 71 years later the nation pauses to remember pearl harbo
9:28 pm
harbor. that includes the local tug boat that helped keep the harbor open after the day of infamy. and. look inside sir why as the capitol becomes a battle zone and two million a battle zone and two million syrian are out of their homes.
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>> smoke rise from his downtown damascas as fighting intensify near the airport in syria. rebel leaders see the airport as key too because by seeingdz it they could cut the supply of weapon and other material to to forces loyal to president assad. good evening once agai again. people in syria are leaving afraid that president assad will unleash chemical
9:32 pm
weapon them. region around damascas is a battle zone and two million syrian are out of the homes tonight. it's raining. it is cold. and the conditions are miserable. abc news reporter alex is one of the few journalist inside syri syria. >> rain poured as we approached the crossing into syria. first stop a rebel checkpoint. tank and men armed with ak 47. once past them a narrow winding road that led us to white tent and sea of red mud. in it the faces of this growing crisis. children huddled around the only source of warmth. tiny campfire. partof the mass exodus. family fleeing the cross fire of syria bloody civil war. for them life is dire. and growing dangerous. few here have their own jacket or shoes. it's growing colder by the day. fear that children are getting sicker. they pet just one small bottle of water
9:33 pm
a day person. for all 12,000 refugee, there are only 4 toilets. pouring into an open sewer. the risk of disease is real. he says they would go home but the regime warplane keep bombing. in the family tent his cousin, son and husband are 2 of the 40,000 killed choke up thinking about the future. life will never be the same again she says. too much has happened. houston, texas person here manages the camp and are desperate for international help. >> with winter come are you afraid you won't be able to afford all these people. >> i can say we are trying our best but i don't think we can support all these people ix amid the despair there is dignity here and glimpses of happiness and hope as children sing and dream about a day with no more war. more camp now
9:34 pm
being built here in syria and across the border in turkey as the conflict approaches the two year mark no sign that this flood of refuse you gee is letting up. >> 2 long years. alex reporting in syria. >> 2 large earthquake today 7. 3 magnitude earthquake on the hit northeast coast of sky pan. same region devastated by a quake and tsunami in march of 2011. japan says this was an after shock of the event. early warnings this time gave coastal resident enough time to head for higher ground. no death. no damage reported. nothing major any way. 6.3 quake rocked the north island of nuss about 200 miles from awbing land. there are no reports of any damage there on new zealand. >> 2 disjockey in australia have been pulled off the airen definitely. the dj tricked a nurse to share information about the duchess of cambridge pregnancy. 46-year-old about
9:35 pm
nurse has been found dead. it's believed to be a suicide. she was working the switchboard and transferred the dj to katie's nurse. >> 71 years ago today the japanese bombed pearl harbor of course the day of infamy. special shift that play add key role getting special treatment in the bay area. wayne has the story from mare island. >> history arrives with he have old ship and up sustain stairs office susan is curious about all of them. >> i like to know where they served what they addition she can tell you how the ship here served as oil tanker. but the this remain us this size isn't everything. >> i say big in heart. >>reporter: fully appreciate how much heart you need to go back to december 7, 1941. pearl harbor. remember the story about the little tug that could? this is the one that did.
9:36 pm
beginning in the fiery moments of the japanese attack this ship moved debris and kept pearl harbor open. had the japanese manageed to civic the battle ship nevada at the entrance the united states navy would have been even more defenseless. >> chances are that the harbor would have been bottled up for a period of up to about two months. >>reporter: after the war this served as fire bet for the city of oak land. later years in the moth ball fleet. now work crew prep her for new home. maritime museum in arkansas. last surviving vessel has seen better days but among the old salt at mayor island look skin deep. so 10:48 this morning's, 71 years to the minute pearl harbor attack even formed up for ceremony flag raising by 30-year-old pete frer the california maritime academy. >> they say history repeats itself and this is the best way to remember history.
9:37 pm
>> few moment of pause after 71 years. least they could do for one small vessel that made the first big difference in world war ii. >> wasn't for her jumping into action her and her crew jumping into action as soon as they did things could have gone completely different. you never know. >> this is wayne freedman abc 7 news. >> still ahead tonight. the year in pictures from president obama and at the world trade center to the rites in greece. look back at the memorable moments of 20
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look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is! sitting, waiting for an album to download. i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible. >> one of 54 people in the country to 7 a 50,000 dollar award for his contribution to the arts. dedicated to keeping
9:41 pm
tradition alive. here is arts entertainment reporter don sanchez. ♪ . >> you gene rodriguez musician composer mentor 25 years ago he created this song. m ex can art center in a san pablo shopping center. where young people come to learn about their music. art. history. culture. >> trying to give kid really the message that our tradition are for them to carry forward. a lot of the audience immigrant mexican whose english language skill is limited or english speaking people who don't speak spanish. it's muse that i can unable to us communicate with everybody. >>reporter: performance and classes for children. art room where they are creating pieces for the christmas show. >> kid learn a lot about arts and discipline and team work really a manual cal space in here and develops the sense of
9:42 pm
self. >>reporter: next door the wardrobe room. >> always about the music. you gene son produces video. more than 1 twoyv of them. and 20 cd. you again nominated for children album. jackson brown and bishop on the latest cd. he created an outreach program they brought latin culture to hawaii and got a lesson in hawaiian tradition. >> i think we need to do a much better job of interest grating people and get people to talk to each other. >> it's because of the commitment and dedication that the artist group united states artist has given you gene a 50,000 dollar fellowship grant for artistic excellence. the parking lot is turned into a little bethlehem then inside music, pinatas and fun on saturday december 15. in san pablo, abc 7 news. >> well as we close in on the
9:43 pm
end of 2012 many web sites putting together the best of list. few of the here are a few of the photograph put by buzz did he veeted to tell stories by pictures. tourists subpoena bathing next to the 28 people died when the crust ship capsized off the coast of ital italy. virgin mary left after sappy. she lies over her son's grave at the cemetery how moving. bolivia protest against the lack of health benefit. protest against energy hike. in afteren police officer stands in front of a wall of flames during a protest there. in beruit. the syrian refuse you gee points plastic toy pistol at man in micky mouse costume. college student at rally for teen martin killed by neighborhood watch commander in florida. remembering the 11th anniversary of the world trade center attacks. homeless
9:44 pm
man next to model posed during fashion week event in new york city at the para-olympic united states team celebrates after winning the gold medal in tennis. touching moment. physical walking on tightrope over niagara fall. space shuttle enterprise flying above manhattan on farewell tour. control room er upt in cheers after finding out they successfully landed on mars. thanks to curiosity this is one of the clearest im am of mars ever taken so far away seems so close in some respects. the 24 mile free fall from space few week back. some of the images from 2012 on the web site buzz feed what a year. >> just ahead from pictures to stunt. >> terrifying prank on elevator with camera rolling has reality
9:45 pm
tv gone too far. stay with us.
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9:48 pm
jeans. >> one last time let's check on the weekend weather forecast. spencer is here as always. >> okay dan. start with live doppler. few cloud offshore. just a few thin high clouds overhead but for the most part we have clear skies right now. and looks like tomorrow state wide we have painly clear skies as well although overnight we see fog getting thicker and more extensive in the central valley. diminish tomorrow but some will hold throughout the day. southern part of the state a little cooler up north and here in the bay area tomorrow we expect painly sunny skies. filtered sunshine high cloud around. high pressure will be generally in the low 60's tomorrow and accu-weather 7 day forecast warm-up a few degrees on sunday and monday around the bay. high in the
9:49 pm
upper 70's near 70's. mid 60's on the coast. and inland. start to cool down a little bit on tuesday. chance of showers on wednesday and cooler weather will follow on thursday and from it. >> freight. thanks spencer. >> well now to absolutely outrageous television prank. they scare and shake up the victim and make viewers laugh certainly but do they go too far. you be the judge here's nick. >> that woman the guy with the coffin they are actors. doors close. watch this. this tv show snag victim after victim. [ screaming] about clip gone global. people love to watch the stuff but has reality tv just gone too far?
9:50 pm
>> gone way, way, way beyond anything that we could have every manualed in candid camera day. >>reporter: just last week american magician wayne was badly burned during a prank on dominican tm v. flammable cologne catches fire. still in the hospital with first degree burns and now even arrest warrant out for the show host more and more producers are playing with fire. >> consequences to really outrageous reality television. we just don't know what all the consequences are because in up tested water. >> he nearly killed himself summer assaulting over himself with 10 million people watching with life car. >> this is where we are today what would have to happen in the next 5 years to top tonigh tonight. >>reporter: okay one more of the show. lights out and [ screaming].
9:51 pm
>> and laughing. not so sure i should be. abc news los angeles. >> oh, brother. what has it come to. >> you want some terrifying reality television. we have sports. >> i was going to set myself on fire. but we are out of ratings. sorry. you have to wait until february. warriors on a long east coast road trip so far so good. making their first trip to brooklyn a rather first trip to brooklyn a rather memorandum
9:52 pm
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9:54 pm
>> coming up tonight at 11:00. season of giving. surprising impact the fiscal cliff is having on charity donations. >> christmas surprise. how santa was able to deliver exactly what this also girl wanted right there on the spot. cute kid. thoughts stories and more coming up at 11:00 over on channel 7. hope you can join us for. that but now sports director larry is here.
9:55 pm
warriors on the road. >> i believe santa is delivering win to them unprecedented rate. at least for what we have seep in the last 20 years. pretty remarkable. home come for jackson tonight back in brooklyn facing the nets in the brand new arena. this is a very happy homecoming. jackson born in brook lip. high school ball down the road from barkley center. raising the game here. steal from wallace and take it to the rack strong. net led at the half. johnson had 20 in the first half. finish with 32. naets up -- nets up 6 but curry hot. not talking like look warm or mild. we are talking smoldering hot. then curry look at the dish here. no look inside. super rookie. david lee double double 30 point. 15 board. not afraid to get his hand dirty inside. up and in. warriors now 12 and 7 after the 1 0then-102 victory
9:56 pm
and doing all this without the star center. impressive. this year unfortunately giants step backward for the raiders after missing play off by one game. question is now whether they cap even win 1 more game before the end of the season. last night broncos lit up the raiders 26-13. oakland lost snix a row. head coach allen day really candid talking about they knew coming in this was not going to be a play off contending team and now they have to focus on rebuilding in silver and black. >> we talk about it. we knew what we were dealing with when we came here. and we knew that we had some depth issue on the roster and couldn't sustain a lot of injuries. we all want to win and i understand that. i want to win now but i'm looking at the long-term future of the team and we have we have to prepare for the future.
9:57 pm
>> long-term may only last one more year with another season leak this bright spot though. rod last night he led the team with 100 yards on 4 reception. really been a solid contributor for palmer with all the injuries that the raiders have had at wide receiver. streeter he was never the big star at temple. at one point he thought the football career was simply over. >> it's big. feel like i'm improving each weekend no matter what it is. i always want to get better. next week i try to go better. try to get better. >> did you have 100 at temple. >> i had 80. >> after back-to-back road game the niners home on sunday. host miami as the experiment continues. maim 5 and 7. better than most people expected. pretty good defense. could present problems up front for collin. niners coming off the tough of time loss with the ram. harbaugh said the team is ticked off.
9:58 pm
if he said being angry is a benefit. >> when you are ticked off you are going to do one of 2 thing things. come back and do something about it or go cower in the corner. and shrivel up in the fetal position. one of those two things is what people do. come back. let's do something about it. >> i have always been one to in the corner. >> heismann trophy handed out tomorrow night in new york. 2 man race. johnny the winner will make history. license backer for top rank notre dame. he would be the first fewer defensive player ever to win. he played offensive special teams. quarterback klein is a finalist. he would be kansas state to take home the heismann. he's called johnny football. out of texas a&m just fifth qb to 3 for 3000 yards and also rush for 1,000. would be the first freshman
9:59 pm
ever to win the heismann. >> mean the world to me. be a dream come true for me to be able to be the first freshman to win the honor and to bring heights man back to texas a&m. just pride it would bring not only to my family but everybody at a&m and even involved with the program. mean the world. >>reporter: turns out this line drive to the head of final pitch member of the a's. he signed a two year deal with the diamondbacks for 15 and half million. pending a physical. assumption is he will be fine even after having the surgery on his skull. 8 and 6 with the a's last year with 3.24 era. manny takes on juan manuel fourth time in one of boxing great rivalry. fights all very close. all of them could have gone either way. other end in a draw official way weighing in at sl redid 143

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